There are many couples who have had unfavorable experiences with previous marriage counselors. And this is the reason why some have been afraid to approach any counselor again. Below are some suggestions for finding a good therapist for marriage counseling.


There are times when couples who go for counseling with one party quite reluctant to try it. And if this couple approaches a therapist cincinnati who does not know what he is doing, then this reluctant partner would not ever want to go to marriage counseling again.



This is very important and could mean the difference between success and possible divorce.


Before going to your first counseling session, take time to interview the therapist. It is funny that sometimes, you put more time and effort in researching a car to buy, then we do in finding the best therapist who can help us save our marriages!


You need to first check the therapist's credentials. Sometimes people are so quick to trust someone who is labeled 'counselor, therapist, or psychologist.' And by this label, they assume that they know what they are doing. To be sure, they should have a minimum of a Master's degree, and have a two year post graduate experience. You don't want someone who has just newly graduated.


They should have experience in what you are dealing with. If you are asking for help with remarriage or a step family, you should ask them how they work with this situation differently than first marriages or nuclear families. If they don't recognize the differences, then they are not experienced enough for your needs. There are significant differences that need to be addressed. And, if they are only thinking in terms of a nuclear family, it is possible for them to hurt your relationship more than help it.



You should also check their availability. Many people simply call their insurance company when they want to do counseling. You need to know first if your insurance company covers marital/couple counseling because unfortunately, many of them do not.


You should also understand that therapist cincinnati who get their referrals from insurance company usually have limited availabilities. They are usually already schedules several weeks out. It is not going to work if you need to wait for a month before you are scheduled and it is not good if you are in any kind of emergency situation.



Check on how they will work for you since counseling involves many theories. If you have decided to seek counseling, the reason is because you are hurting and have tried many solutions to the problem. You would want a therapist who is going to focus on the current problem at hand. They may require looking at your past, but this should not be the main focus. The main focus should be your current situation and finding a solution to it.